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Xbox 360 Three Red Lights

Get the Xbox Red Ring of Death fix guide

xbox 360 three red lights

The Xbox 360 three red light error is a common technical glitch many Xbox 360 owners face.

The three flashing red lights are an indication that there is a hardware problem with your Xbox 360 console or power supply, which will result in the hardware overheating , console freezing, graphical problems in the midst of game play which result in checkerboard or pinstripe patterns appearing over the screen, audio interruption and other software related errors.

The Xbox 360 three red lights error is popularly nicknamed the "Red Ring of Death". When the 3 red lights appear, consumers will only be left with lousy and frustrating options. The consumer can opt to send their Xbox 360 back to the respective service center for a repair which will cost a bomb. I, for one, have been a victim of time consuming and disappointing bouts of money scams trying to get my Xbox 360 three red lights error fixed at the nearest service centers. If your Xbox 360 is still covered by the warranty, the repair might be free but the consumer is still required to bear shipping and handling fees, which by themselves will cost at least $20-$30. In the case of your warranty expiring, you might need to part with at least $150 of your hard earn cash. The most painful part is that there`s not even a guarantee that the repair is going to do you any justice! There are even cases of Xbox 360 units being damaged due to bad handling during the shipping process. If you wish to make any claims on cargo damage, this agonizing procedure will take a minimum of 4-5 months, provided all the documents are in place. Inconvenience becomes bitterer with disappointment and anger. Consumers should really save themselves the risk and trouble as there are many other ways around the Xbox 360 three red lights issue.

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The Xbox 360 three red lights fix is undoubtedly the ideal solution for avoiding complications relating to high service charges, ridiculous waiting periods, additional logistic cum shipping expenditures, and most importantly, unfulfillment.

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