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Xbox 360 Repair Service

Get the Xbox Red Ring of Death fix guide

Xbox 360 Repair Service

At some point or another, if you have lived with an Xbox or an Xbox 360 like I have, you are most likely to become dependent on it. You`d probably have spent almost all of your free time, being entertained by it. And when it crashes, you sort of lose your way.

It starts with something just as minor as ‘freezing` amidst game playing or viewing DVDs. Then, it goes on to say that the disc you have just inserted is not recognized. Finally comes the point where the power button can only recognize switching on and switching off. When you get the 3 Red Ring of Death, you know it`s figuratively (and literally) dead.

So what now; what do you do? Send your Xbox back to Microsoft for an Xbox 360 repair service? My console has run out its warranty for quite some time now. Besides, paying another quadrant of my bank account to Microsoft is definitely out of the question. From what I understand, it costs about $140-150 for repair service. I have heard from other Xbox 360 owners that there are plenty of other sources online for Xbox 360 repair service. So that`s exactly what I did - go online.

A few of my first searches led me to issues with regards to the Xbox, but not an Xbox 360 repair service. There are some sites that do offer Xbox 360 repair services, but you would have to send your console to them. For diagnostic services only, they charge you a certain amount, plus a small fee for postal service. And, this did not guarantee that I would get my console fixed.

After quite some time of searching and deliberating, I finally ended up with the service offered at http://7ceed2r5ue0n2kb7dfmnomvr0p.hop.clickbank.net/?tid=XBOX360REDRINGOFDEATH - a how-to guide which teaches you how to fix your Xbox yourself. I`ll tell you why I opted for their Xbox 360 repair service. Firstly, my console stays exactly where it is - in the comfort of my home. It wasn`t going to get lost amidst some "postal service failure". Instead, for a mere $29.95, I would permanently learn how to fix my Xbox 360. I did some price comparisons with other sites that offered Xbox 360 repair services, and http://7ceed2r5ue0n2kb7dfmnomvr0p.hop.clickbank.net/?tid=XBOX360REDRINGOFDEATH had one of the lowest offerings. Besides, their payment tools were rather flexible. Any major credit cards - Visa, MasterCard, Amex, together with PayPal and eCheck are accepted. It also comes with a 60 days money back guarantee. There`s also a warranty which states that if your Xbox 360 fails after 60 days of using their manual, they`ll give you a full refund.

Much to my delight, I received my manual literally the day after I placed my order on http://7ceed2r5ue0n2kb7dfmnomvr0p.hop.clickbank.net/?tid=XBOX360REDRINGOFDEATH. I also had the choice of viewing the guide through a PDF file or as a video. Both options are rather comprehensive. The video guided me step by step on how to safely open my console, and fix the connections. I have not always been hands-on with fixing stuff, but with the guide I only took 45 minutes to repair my Xbox 360! Kudos to http://7ceed2r5ue0n2kb7dfmnomvr0p.hop.clickbank.net/?tid=XBOX360REDRINGOFDEATH!

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