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microsoft Xbox repair

When I first bought my Xbox 360, I was on top of the world as it performed (according to my expectations) better than the PS3 and was about as easy to use as the Wii. The fact that I could also play Halo and Dead or Alive on it with my fellow PC gamers helped as well. However, the Red Ring of Death or RROD seems to be a constant companion, especially for gamers like myself who don't really keep track of the time while we're playing. While I don't seem to get the graphics artifact problem or have the game freeze on me, I did invest in a 2 year warranty period, mostly because I don't really trust Microsoft`s product legibility. Most of the time, the RROD went away if I turned it off for a while but after my last marathon run the console just stopped and wouldn't restart at all. Seeing as how my warranty still remained, I sent it back to its makers for some good old' microsoft Xbox repair. I'd very much like to say Microsoft Xbox repair is much better than its buggy operating systems and office apps, but for the most part it was worse. Like so many others before me, everything went downhill right after I sent my Xbox 360 for its first RROD Microsoft Xbox repair.

After about four weeks I got my Xbox 360 back from the repair center. Gone were the scratches, nicks and scrawls to be replaced with a new refurbished casing. However, after about a week or so of playing the latest games, the console gave me the same un-restorable RROD problem. Warranty was still good for another year and half so I sent it back to Microsoft Xbox repair again. This time it took about a week longer and my games had piled up uselessly by then. Tearing off the packaging in my haste to hook up the Xbox, I was sorely disappointed as I got the RROD again…the instant I turned it on! At this point of time, I was quite disgusted with Microsoft as I stopped to keep track of my previous shipping costs. Turns out, I've paid quite a lot for all the extra shipping just to get a console back that still doesn't work. With still more than a year of warranty left, I was already looking into other alternatives. Thankfully, my search paid off with a great offer for a DIY repair guide at http://7ceed2r5ue0n2kb7dfmnomvr0p.hop.clickbank.net/?tid=XBOX 360REDRINGOFDEATH.

For a mere $29.95, the deal came with a PDF guide and a 60 day refund. I quickly bought the guide utilizing their ClickBank form. The site at http://7ceed2r5ue0n2kb7dfmnomvr0p.hop.clickbank.net/?tid=XBOX 360REDRINGOFDEATH sent it over quickly, giving me a nicely laid-out step-by-step guide. Now, I'm no DIY guy, so I was especially grateful for the detailed 24/7 online support team, high-res videos and the member`s area as they gave me pointers on what I needed to do to fix my console. While I did have some anxiety about voiding my warranty deliberately, my previous poor experiences with Microsoft Xbox repair were more than enough to get me going. It took a while longer than the claimed under-an-hour repair time but I finally got the repairs done. Now, just to refresh your memory, this was an Xbox 360 with an RROD problem straight out of the box, and after the repairs were done, my Xbox 360 was alive and running again. I have to say I was quite surprised by my own handiwork as the console was running ultra-smooth with no problems whatsoever. Since I already had the repair guide in hand I tried to break it using my usual binge mode of marathon gaming. Thankfully, my repairs held out a lot better than the previous Microsoft Xbox repairs and I've yet to encounter the RROD yet.

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